Department of Defense Education Activity

Visitor Procedures


Parents may make appointments to visit classes through the school office or the classroom teacher. Parents are requested to make prior arrangements with the classroom teacher before visiting.

As part of the DoDDS Worldwide School Security System, all visitors to the school must go to the main office, sign in and get a yellow visitor's pass.

When leaving, visitors need to return to the office to sign out. Visitors will be issued a visitor's pass that must be visibly worn throughout their visit. This DoDDS' regulation is designed to help prevent the possibility of any form of terrorism or other illegal activity from occurring in our schools. We recognize this may present parents with a minor inconvenience during those "short" visits to school (bringing a lunch box, picking up a child), but please realize that our priorities are the same as yours concerning the safety of your children. We do not wish to compromise their safety. Unauthorized visits do compromise that safety factor. Please help us observe this important provision.