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DoDDS Eligibility


Registration of students is an on-going during the school year. Our registrar is available to assist you every school day from 0700-1530. Parents are welcome to obtain registration forms at any time during the day and return them at their convenience. Forms may also be located here . If registration forms are completed and returned before 1000, the student(s) will generally start school the next school day. If documents are submitted after 1000, the student will start school two days thereafter. Re-registration is an annual event that takes place in the spring to verify continuing eligibility. Information regarding re-registration is usually released in the March / April time-frame.

Accelerated Withdraw

In an effort to support military family, DoDEA offers an Early Withdrawal Plan for families PCSing to a new duty location prior to the end of a semester. Please note that this plan is not intended for family trips or early departures for summer vacation. Eligible students departing on or after the early withdrawal date will receive a completed report card indicating that he/she is promoted to the next grade if he/she is doing satisfactory work and has completed all work assigned by the classroom teacher prior to PCSing. PCSing families are expected to give a minimum notice of ten (10) school days for work to be completed, graded, and school records to be prepared for hand-carry by the sponsor. The SY 2015-2016 early withdrawal dates are: December 17, 2015 for semester one and May 19, 2016 for semester two.

Families leaving early for other reasons, such as summer vacations, will not have report cards available early, nor should they expect for their children to receive credit for incomplete schoolwork. Report cards will be held at the school office until the family returns. Report cards for students departing before the Early Departure Date will not indicate promotion to the next grade level, but will contain a statement such as, “If this student had remained in school until May X or later, s/he would have been promoted to the next grade." As a general rule, students must be present 20 days or more each quarter to receive grades. 

If you have any questions about registering your child(ren) for school, please contact the school registrar.

Lanham ES  School Registrar

DSN Phone: 264-3664 / 3261