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Lejeune HS: Continuous School Improvement - Accreditation


Our accrediting agency, Cognia, is the accrediting agency for all of DoDEA Schools.  All schools are on a 5-year accreditation cycle.  

The accreditation process asks institutions and systems to critically evaluate their vision, strategies, priorities, leadership, programs, student performance, and resources.  Accreditation examines the whole institution - the programs, student performance, the cultural context, the community of stakeholders - to determine how well the parts work together to meet the needs of students.

There are three Cognia standards for quality schools and quality systems:

  1.  Leadership Capacity Domain:  The capacity of leadership to ensure an institution's progress toward its stated objectives is an essential element of organizational effectiveness.
  2.  Learning Capacity Domain:  The impact of teaching and learning is the primary expectation of every system and its institutions.
  3.  Resource Capacity Domain:  The use and distribution of resources align and support the needs of the system and institutions served.  Systems ensure that resources are aligned with its stated purpose and direction and distributed equitably so that the needs of the system are adequately and effectively addressed.


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