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Lejeune HS: Bell Schedules

Please note!  Effective 16 March 2020, school hours will change to 7:35 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. to make up for instructional time lost due to Hurricane Dorian and inclement weather.  


This REVISED BELL SCHEDULE is effective 16 March - 11 June 2020. 

The information below refers to the bell schedule in place from 26 August - 13 March 2020.


This bell schedule and alternate schedules for pep rally, noon dismissal, and 2-hr delay days are also available in a printable version of the SY 19-20 Bell Schedules.

LHS uses a block scheduling model.  The extended class periods increase the amount of time students are engaged in meaningful and productive learning activities.  Each class period is 85 minutes.  Extended Learning (EL) is 25 minutes.

  • Red Days consist of periods 1 through 4 (R1 - R4).
  • Gold Days consist of periods 5 through 8 (G5 - G8).

The following outlines the bell schedule for a regular red or gold day.

Regular Red or Gold Day

7:40 - 8:05   Extended Learning
8:10 - 9:35   Period R1 or G5
9:40 - 11:05   Period R2 or G6
11:05 - 11:35   1st Lunch

11:40 - 1:05   Period R3 or G7
(for students with 1st Lunch)
11:10 - 12:35   Period R3 or G7
(for students with 2nd Lunch)
12:35 - 1:05   2nd Lunch
1:10 - 2:35   Period R4 or G8


*Students eating breakfast in the cafeteria are permitted entry at 7:15 a.m..