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Lejeune HS: Counseling Services

Military families are characterized by unique demands that tax the cohesion and well-being of families, and the DoDEA Competency Based Counseling Services are designed to meet these additional needs for our students.

The School Counselors provide a comprehensive counseling program to all students to help build the foundation for life-long learning by assisting students in developing self-respect, awareness of others and positive learning attitudes.  The Counseling Program emphasizes decision-making skill development and exploration of future educational and occupational possibilities.  The School Counselors are available to assist students in developing strategies to deal with academic, personal and social challenges that may interfere with the educational process.  School Counselors also work to assist students in planning their educational program and provide students with the most current information about colleges, financial aid and employment opportunities.

During the course of the year, students participate in a variety of assessments including the PSAT, ASVAB, STAMP Foreign Language Proficiency Tests for Levels II and IV, and Advanced Placement examinations.


Tools to Assist with Student Success


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Khan Academy
Khan Academy 

Preparing for College

School Code - 340550 (This number is the number assigned to Lejeune High School).
Athletic Eligibility
NCAA Eligibility - Any student considering participating in athletics in college needs to apply to this site.
College and University Search Sites
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College Applications

Check with the individual college or university's websites that you are applying to for the application instructions.  There are some colleges or universities that only accept an online application.

There are some colleges or universities that use the Common Application.  You will need to check with the individual college or university's websites to find out if they accept the Common Application.



Military Academies



Financial Aid - All students who are planning on enrolling in a college or university will need to fill out a FASFA form online.





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UNC-Chapel Hill

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Robertson Scholars
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Lejeune High School - Local Scholarships

Merit Based
Lejeune Scholars - You must apply for the Lejeune Scholar before your community service hours can be counted towards the program's requirements.  Information is found on the Lejeune Scholarship Foundation website.

Need Based
Margaret Holland Scholarship Fund - Application Deadline March 31, 2020