Department of Defense Education Activity
2022-2023 Drivers' Education Classes

February 21 - March 9

This class will not meet on Fridays. Please note that this class begins on February 21st even though LHS will not be in session. There will be class on March 1st and March 8th even though LHS will not be in session/full session on those days. Students will need to attend their virtual class on those days to receive full credit for the class. THe virtual class will run from 3:30 - 6:30 pm.

April 18 – May 4                                        

All registration is done online through the NC Driving School (linked below). NC Driving school will open registration 3 weeks before the class begins, and students are registered in first come/first serve order. There are no classes on Fridays. If students are taking a virtual class, then they are expected to attend the virtual class even on days the LHS is not in session . Students are expected to attend every class in their session to receive credit.

NC Driving school will open the registration 3 weeks before the class begins, and students are registered in first come/first serve order. There are no classes on Fridays or on days that LHS is out of school. Students are expected to attend every class in their session to receive credit.

Important Facts
  • Typically, the class is offered up to four times per year, and the dates are determined by the North Carolina Driving School (NCDS).
  • Enrollment in the class is on a first come/first serve basis. Priority for the driving portion of the course is by age. Students must be 14 1/2 years old at the time of the class to register.
  • Students must be eligible to attend Camp Lejeune Schools to attend the driver’s education class at Lejeune High School, even for summer classes. Students who register will be required to provide documents to Lejeune High School that confirm eligibility before the 1st day of class to attend.
  • Course dates for Lejeune High School are posted on the North Carolina Driving School website as they are scheduled ( and advertised prior to offering in the weekly bulletin and in the morning announcements.
  • Transportation to and from Lejeune High School for Driver Education is the responsibility of the student and parent/sponsor.
  • If a student has a 504 or IEP in place, a release of information form must be completed for the driving instructor so that students will be able to receive accommodations for Driver Education.
  • 504/IEP students are able to receive accommodations but not modifications.
  • The State of North Carolina requires a minimum of 30 clock hours of classroom instruction and 6 hours behind the wheel with an instructor prior to becoming eligible for certification.  Before a Driver's Eligibility Certificate is issued from the high school, a student must be in good standing and passing, at minimum, 70% of their classes.  In accordance with North Carolina's Dropout Prevention and Adequate Progress Law that was passed on August 1, 1998, students must pass 70% of classes at all times in order to receive or maintain their permit and/or license.  If a student fails to meet the requirements by not staying on track to graduate (passing 6 of 8 classes; maintaining a 2.0 GPA), the Division of Motor Vehicles will be notified and the student's driving privileges will be revoked until the next semester.  The law was passed to help motivate and encourage better grades and high school completion.
  • Eligibility certificates issued by the high school must be presented to the Division of Motor Vehicles within 30 calendar days from the date issued.
  • Lejeune High School has an agreement with the NC Driving School to provide services at LHS.  If you have any problems, questions, or concerns please contact Ms. Campbell. She will do her best to assist you and if unable to assist, she will direct you to the NCDS at 525-321-6700.


After Your Student Takes the Instructional Course:

The instructor will contact each student to arrange the date for a vision check, then schedule the behind-the-wheel portion.  Most students are scheduled for driving 120 days from the classroom completion date. Thank you for your patience!  This will usually take 3-4 consecutive days.  Drive times are afternoons, evenings, and Saturdays.


After the student completes the behind-the-wheel, the instructor will issue a Certificate of Completion.  In accordance with state late, the school provides a certificate to attest that a student is making adequate progress towards graduation once the driving portion of the class is completed. . Students must have passed 6 of 8 classes their previous semester to qualify for a certificate of eligibility

A PARENT must bring the Certificate of Completion to receive a Drivers Eligibility Form from the LHS Coordinator. Parents (only) will be issued a Driver's Eligibility Certificate to take to the DMV.  As this certificate EXPIRES in 30 days, it is recommended that the certificate not be obtained until a permit test appointment is confirmed with the DMV.  If a new certificate is needed, please bring the expired certificate to the Driver's Ed Coordinator.


For additional questions, please see the NCDS website or contact Ms. Campbell