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Lejeune HS: Online Resources

Featured Resource for U.S. Military Families

This program allows eligible students in grade k-12 and college to connect to a live tutor online at any time for one to one help.  This is a free service for U.S. Military families funded by the U.S. Department of Defense and Coast Guard Mutual Assistance. 

Link to Scholastic Link to Pearson Success Net Link to Google Apps Link to MackinVIA Link to IC Catalog Link to Atomic Learning
The 5-Step Plan for DevilPUP Success!
  1. Raise your hand and ask a question - Teachers love when students ask questions in class.  When you do not understand a concept or a process, be sure to ask questions.  If you do not understand, then other students may have the same question.
  2. Use your LHS planner for all of your classes - Planners are a great tool to use to write down assignments and deadline dates.  By keeping up with what assignments are required for each teacher and when they are due, you are being a responsible student.  Review your planner nightly to be prepared for class the next day.
  3. Use Extended Learning (EL) time wisely - Time is provided to students during EL so that you can use it to complete assignments.  Use the time to ask your teachers or your peers questions. If you are caught up on homework, you can read a book, go to the library and begin research for a project, or look up your grades and assignments in GradeSpeed.
  4. Get in the Zone with Homework Zone - Did you know that Homework Zone is offered in triplicate?!?!  Before (6:45-7:30am) AND after school (2:45-3:30pm) every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday AND selected Saturdays (8:30-11:30am).  We have teachers who are there to help you.  In addition, you will have access to research materials and computer/printer resources.
  5. Use the resources found on this website, like - Follow the instructions to create an account at  Identify your tutoring needs and a teacher will appear to help you.  At the end of each session, be sure to do an evaluation on your tutoring session.
Here's th 5-Step Plan in a print version to keep handy at home!

GradeSpeed is a web-based program that enables parents to log-in to view grade and attendance data for their student(s) in grades 4-12.