Department of Defense Education Activity

LMS Student Handbook

The School Handbook provides information and guidance about school policies, procedures, and programs. You may download the full document in PDF format to read offline or use the links listed below to browse the information online.

Chain of Command

Classroom teacher Telephone: 645-7787
(Specify problem, create a plan, and give the plan some time to take effect)
Team Leader Telephone: 645-7787
Assistant Principal Telephone: 645-7787
Principal Telephone: 645-7787
District Superintendent's Office Telephone: 634-1204
DoDDS Pacific/DDESS Guam Deputy Director Telephone: 645-2340

Communication Between Home and School

When parents have questions or concerns, they should call the school office who will then give a message to the teacher. The parent may also contact the teacher via e-mail. The parent and teacher should create a plan that addresses the needs of the student to make the student more successful. If that plan fails it is appropriate to solicit the help of the grade level guidance counselor as well to mediate the situation. If the issue involves any other staff member, parents are asked to discuss this directly with that person, and then contact one of our counselors before referring it to an administrator. If the concern is still not resolved, parents should then ask for the assistance of a school administrator who will try to help them. Any problems, which cannot be resolved by discussing them with the teachers or administrators, may be referred.