Department of Defense Education Activity

Maxwell AFB E/MS: Gifted Program

The Department of Defense Education activity (DoDEA) provides exemplary educational programs that inspire and prepare all students for success. Gifted students measure their success through the challenges they are able to receive, meet, and often surpass. The goal of the DoDEA Gifted Education program is to identify students with high potential and exceptional performance and to offer challenges that match their strengths.

Gifted Services

Elementary School Services

  • Regular classroom with differentiation of instruction.
  • Regular classroom with cluster grouping and differentiation
  • Regular classroom with grade acceleration of specific content.
  • Resources sessions outside the classroom.
  • Grade acceleration for specific content.
  • Individualized services
  • Additional opportunities.

Middle School Services

  • Regular course with differentiation of instruction
  • Regular course with cluster grouping and differentiation.
  • Interdisciplinary course.
  • Grade acceleration for specific content.
  • Additional opportunities

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