Department of Defense Education Activity

Dress Code

All students of DoDEA Guam Schools wear a standard uniform consisting of a navy blue, black, gray, or white top and khaki, tan, black, or navy blue bottoms, shorts or skorts. No denim or jeans. Uniform Sweatshirt/Sweater/Jacket Color options: navy blue, white, gray, or black. No logos, designs, tags, brands, or emblems.The uniform may be purchased at the Navy or Army and Air Force Exchanges or through several local vendors. 

Middle and High school students are required to dress in accordance with the following Physical Education uniform requirements:Tops AND Bottoms should be navy blue.

Student attire and personal grooming are the responsibility of the students and their parents and must be appropriate for school and classroom instruction. Students’ attire and appearance must not be a distraction to the educational process. Students’ grooming and personal hygiene should be clean and free from strong odors. In an effort to promote and maintain a healthy social and academic climate appropriate for the school and all school-related activities, additional dress guidelines were adopted. These guidelines shall apply to all students at school and to all school activities, whether on campus or off-campus.
  • Clothing must be free of excessive dirt. Students shall not wear torn, frayed or ripped clothing.
  • Hair styles must not detract from the educational process. Chopsticks and other hair ornaments that can be used as weapons or deemed harmful to others are not allowed.
  • Students wearing skirts or skorts should ensure that the length of the skirt is not shorter than three inches above the top of the knee.
  • Bare feet are prohibited. Shoes must be worn at all times and should be appropriate for outdoor activities. Flip-flops, “zories,” or house slippers are not allowed. Shoes must always have a back strap. If gym shoes are worn into the school building, the soles must be cleaned of dirt to protect the carpets. All types of shoes that have roll-ers attached to the soles are not allowed on school grounds.
  • Students shall not wear bandannas, caps, hats, or sunglasses inside the school building or buses. However, these items may be worn outdoors with permission from the teacher and demonstrated as a need or requirement for class.
  • Parental support and cooperation in enforcing this dress code are highly encouraged. Students violating the dress code may be given immediate consequences. Parents of students who are not in compliance with this dress code will be contacted and asked to correct the dress and/or grooming of their children. Alternatively, students will be sent to the nurse’s office to get clean uniform to wear for the day. If their sizes are not available at the nurse’s office, they will be provided the appropriate uniform by the McCool PTO. Clothes provided to the students by the school or by the PTO must be returned cleaned and ironed, or purchased for $1.00 per item.