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Naples ES: Policies and Procedures

Student Behavioral Expectations

Be independent, creative problem-solvers!

Appearance/Dress Code

Students are expected to report to school neatly groomed and dressed in clothing that is appropriate for the activities in which they will be participating in on any given day. Revealing clothing like tank tops, short shorts, spandex shorts, halter tops, strapless dresses, bare midriff tops, short skirts, low rise pants, or any other garment that reveals undergarments are not appropriate wear for school. Girls may wear shorts that are no shorter than fingertip length (4 inches from the top of the knee cap). Baggy pants, worn without a belt, are not permitted because the student cannot walk or run freely while maintaining good balance. Shower shoes, flip-flops, spiked heels, skate shoes (such as Heelys), and any other shoes that could be considered unsafe when worn in the school environment(i.e. P.E., recess, stairs...) are also considered inappropriate. Clothing and jewelry that contain inappropriate pictures, logos, or make sexual references, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons are inappropriate for school and will not be permitted. Hats or head coverings are not authorized in classrooms or assembly areas. Exceptions may be made for religious coverings. If a student is asked to remove headgear and cooperates with the instruction, no further action is necessary. Final decisions on the appropriateness of garments will be made by the administration.


Our goal is that each of our students will develop and maintain positive self-discipline, which is marked by self-control and an understanding of appropriate standards of conduct. As children mature, they become increasingly capable of judging accurately which conduct is appropriate in any given situation. The guidance of parents and teachers helps students develop the self-discipline and understanding required for students to conduct themselves in a manner that will bring credit to themselves, their parents, school, and community. We very strongly believe in the rights of the other students to be able to learn in an environment that is free of distractions from their peers.

Discipline will be maintained at an appropriate level that will result in:

  1. A safe and secure environment for all
  2. Growth of the student in self-control
  3. High regard and respect for all
  4. Pride in the school and community

We expect all students of Naples Elementary School to abide by the rules and regulations as established by the administration, faculty and students. School rules apply at all school functions. Student Rights and Responsibilities (DoDEA Administrative Instruction 2051.02) is available and pertains to all DODEA schools.

Arrival at School

Students are to arrive no earlier than 0745, ten minutes before the first bell. Students are not permitted in any school building before school hours unless they are under direct supervision for a special activity. Supervision of students does not begin until 0745. Parents will be notified if their child continues to arrive at school too early. Should the problem persist, the chain of command will be notified. Your cooperation in this matter will greatly enhance the safety and security of our students.

  • Kindergarten through Sixth Grade
  • 0755 Students enter the building
  • 0800 Instruction begins
  • 1420 Dismissal
  • Sure Start
  • 0805 Students enter the building
  • 0810 Instruction begins
  • 1330 Dismissal

Dismissal from School

We need to know where your child should be at the end of each day. If you need to make a change please send a note with the date on it to your child's teacher. You may also come in and write a note at the office. For safety and security of the children we CANNOT take messages over the phone for end of the day changes. Thank you for your understanding. Children riding the bus must have passes visible for the drivers. If you wish your child to take another bus home with a friend, or to a baby-sitter, you MUST make arrangements with the Student Transportation Office (STO) ahead of time.

School Visits

Parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit classrooms. As a security precaution, visitors are required to report to the office as soon as they arrive to sign in and obtain a visitor's pass. We enforce 100% ID check, everyone must present identification. Visitors will enter through the front door entrance only. In order to minimize classroom interruptions, please notify the teacher in advance of your visit when possible.

School Handbook

Office of DoDEA Policy

The Policy Team of OPLP administers and operates the DoDEA Issuance Program, the Issuance Focal Point Working Group, and facilitates DoD-level issuance coordination for DoDEA.

Policy and Legislation