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Netzaberg is located in the Oberpfalz (Upper Palatinate) region in the German State of Bayern (Bavaria). We are located in a rural community, approximately 60 miles/97 kms NE of Nuremberg. The town lies approximately 2.5 miles/4Km outside the gates of the Grafenwoehr Training Area and is composed entirely of the 830 leased housing units, schools, and community facilities. NMS services the students affiliated with the USAG Bavaria (Vilseck, Grafenwoehr, and Netzaberg Village). One of the unique features of Netzaberg MS is that it is part of the Netzaberg Community, which includes a Shoppette, Netzaberg Elementary School, Netzaberg Community Chapel, Youth Services facilities, and a Child Development Center. The area is exclusively a community support area so there is limited traffic and it is centrally located for those living in the Netzaberg Village Housing Area. We are physically connected to our educational colleagues at Netzaberg Elementary School. This unique physical and educational connection has allowed the Netzaberg Knights to partner with elementary students (e.g. Reading and Writing Buddies, Kinder PE Coaching, STEAM collaborative activities, Bavarian Fasching Festival, NMS Community Fun Runs, AVID support, and Drama presentations) throughout the school years. We also partner with the German Gymnasium (6th -12th) with various educational events (Field Day, Fun Runs, Drama, and Physical Education).

Netzaberg Middle School was completed in 2008. The students and staff take great pride in maintaining their facility. The three-story main structure houses 6th Grade Science Labs, Gym, Art Center, Choral Center, Computer Lab, Drama Center, and a Family Consumer Science Lab. During SY 15-16 our 21st Century Science and Band Center was opened for student use. This new center houses 7th and 8th Grade Science Labs and a 70 seat capacity for students in the Band Center. Additionally, this new center houses an Atrium Learning Space conducive for Botanical and Life Science learning opportunities for our students. For the Performance Arts, we are proud to offer students Band, Choral, Art, Drama, and Video Productions. Currently during SY 16-17 we have expanded our computer programming courses and added Robotics. We also sponsor a Robotics Club as an after-school activity.

Courses are offered to the highly capable students for high school credit in Mathematics, Foreign Languages, Advanced Band, and Advanced Choir. Student Support Services include English as a Second Language, Reading 180, Math Support, Full-time Nurse, School Psychologist/Autism Specialist, Emotionally Impaired Specialist, Special Education instructors with Para-Educators, Moderate to Severe Learning Center, and a Speech and Language Pathologist. Also our student support services include two full-time Guidance Counselors, full-time Behavioral Health Clinician, Military Life Consultants (MFLC), and an Adolescent Substance Abuse Counselor (ASACS).

Guiding Principles

  • Preparation
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Determination
  • Excellence

Continuous School Improvement Goals

Academic District SMART Objective:

1.1 Data-Informed Instruction

Provide all students with instruction that is aligned to rigorous standards and is differentiated based on an appropriate assessment system and the needs of individual learners.

Organizational District SMART Objective:

2.1 Professional Learning Communities/ Focused Collaboration

Provide leadership and support for the continued implementation of Professional Learning Communities/ Focused Collaboration in all schools.

DoDEA College and Career Readiness Standards:

2.2 College and Career Ready Standards

Provide leadership and support for the continued implementation of College and Career Ready Standards.

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Netzaberg MS

Grades: 6 - 8

Enrollment: 404

Netzaberg MS Mission

Netzaberg Middle School provides an exemplary education that inspires and prepares all DoDEA students for success in a dynamic, global environment.

Netzaberg MS Vision

Nurturing Minds Successfully

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Netzaberg MS

School Address
Unit 28130
APO, AE 09114-8130
Phone: 0611-143-545-2091
DSN Phone: 314-545-2091