Department of Defense Education Activity

Policies & Procedures

NMS Current Handbook


Arrival at School

Parents are advised not to allow their students to leave home too early. This especially applies to students in the housing area who walk to school in the mornings. Students are to arrive no earlier than 0755. (Refer to bell schedule.) Supervision of students does not begin until 0755, and students should not be on campus prior to this time. Parents will be notified if their student continues to arrive at school too early. Should the problem persist, the chain of command will be notified. Your cooperation in this matter will greatly enhance the safety and security of our students.

Attendance Policy

If you know your student will be absent from school on a particular day, please send a note or email to the attention of the attendance clerk in advance. If the absence is going to be for an extended period of time, such as emergency leave, illness, or family leave, please send a request, again to the attention of the attendance clerk so that your student's teachers may sign-off on the necessary work to be completed either before taking leave or afterwards. Work assignments missed during an absence should be completed and submitted promptly (within number of days missed) upon return. If you feel your student needs to stay home because of illness, notify the school prior to 1000 and send a note as soon as the child can return to school. Such absences, as well as medical appointments, will be considered excused when the school is notified in writing. Failure to attend school regularly will result in parental contact and may include military command contact and/or family advocacy intervention.

Excused Absences

Students may be excused from school for reasons subject to the approval of the administration. Excused absences will be granted for illness, family emergency (severe illness, death, local hardship situation),medical necessities, and block-leave. If the absence is to be considered excused, a parent-signed note or an authentic doctor's appointment slip must be submitted upon return to school. Other examples of excused absences are: school-sponsored activities such as athletic contests, music programs, and study trips. In cases of a religious holiday, a written request must come from the parent prior to the day of the holiday. Students will be given make-up privileges and credit only for excused absences.

Grades on report cards will be determined by the student's achievement

A mid-term Progress Report will be sent to parents at the end of the fourth or fifth week, or mid-quarter, of each marking period; however, this notice may be sent at any time during the marking period if the situation warrants it. We also encourage school personnel to send home notices of satisfactory or superior student achievement. The intent of this interim report is to keep parents knowledgeable of student progress.


Every student is expected to maintain a school binder and planner/agenda to record and organize all their assignments. Parents are encouraged to check the agenda and binder on a regular basis, as they contain standards being taught, expectations, classroom assignments, homework, and hall passes to include use
of seminar time.