Department of Defense Education Activity

How to Get CEDR’s Help

Contact CEDR by:
Leaving a phone message at the CEDR Hotline (571 372-7778) or sending an e-mail to

Someone from CEDR will be in touch with you.

No matter how you choose to contact CEDR, please:

  • tell us where you are located (Europe, Pacific, DDESS, HQ, or your time zone)
  • tell us how you would like CEDR to reach you:
    • work telephone number
    • personal telephone number
    • work e-mail
    • personal e-mail
  • if you would like someone to call you back, tell us a time of day when it is generally good to reach you for this purpose

Someone from CEDR will:

  • Get in touch with you as expeditiously as possible
  • Listen to you
  • Gather information about your situation
  • Remind you that if you have legal rights, you may also have time limits within which you need to act to exercise those rights
  • Refer you to other resources if appropriate
  • Explain next steps if you decide to proceed with other CEDR processes beyond talking about and analyzing the situation

Someone from CEDR:

  • Make a decision about what you need to do. You get to make your own decisions!
  • Talk about your situation with anyone outside the CEDR staff without your permission