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Center for Early Dispute Resolution

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CEDR helps DoDEA and its employees to manage conflict in two ways:

Education &Training

CEDR CEDR provides education and training that helps employees get the skills and knowledge they need to talk productively with each other, with parents, and with anyone with whom they interact. Productive communication increases the possibility of using conflict constructively and decreases the likelihood of escalating, destructive conflict. More about education and training. more

Addressing & Resolving Conflict

cedr CEDR provides confidential, impartial assistance to help address and resolve concerns and differences encountered at DoDEA. More about processes for addressing and resolving conflict. more

Note: Mediation to address informal or formal allegations of discrimination continues to be provided by DoDEA Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity Office (DMEO).

To learn more, contact CEDR:
Phone: 571 372-7778

4800 Mark Center Dr.
Alexandria, VA 22350-1400

Support Offices
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Center for Early Dispute Resolution
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