Department of Defense Education Activity

Why CEDR: Managing Conflict

You should care about poorly handled, destructive conflict because it has high costs for you and for the functioning of your school, district, area, or office.

Effective conflict management can provide:

  • Improved communication and working relationships
  • Increased respect and trust
  • More creative, satisfying, and enduring solutions
  • Reduced costs in dollars and emotional energy
  • Faster resolution of issues
  • Improved morale
  • Enhanced opportunities to achieve DoDEA's mission

  • CEDR's processes are voluntary, confidential, and fair
  • CEDR's processes let you speak for yourself and seek a solution to conflict that works for you
  • CEDR's processes are informal and flexible
  • CEDR's processes create an environment for discussing differences that can help you better understand the situation
  • CEDR's processes involve a structures situation that helps the parties communicate with and hear each other more effectively
  • CEDR's processes can allow you to address a conflict before it escalates
  • CEDR's processes do not limit your rights or legal avenues of redress