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DMEO: Resolution & Compliance: Alternative Dispute resolution

EEO Mediation Process

The EEO Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process is available throughout both the informal and formal complaint processes, if the complaint is determined to be suitable for ADR.

Alternative Dispute Resolution, commonly referred to as ADR, is a term which covers many alternatives to traditional methods for resolving conflicts or disputes. ADR has been used as a tool in resolving workplace disputes arising from poor communication, personality conflicts, or alleged discrimination. At DODEA, ADR is offered as an alternative method for resolving workplace disputes instead of the traditional equal employment opportunity (EEO) informal counseling, or formal complaint process.

DoDEA has chosen mediation as the primary ADR method in resolving EEO disputes because it empowers the parties themselves to reach an acceptable resolution of the conflict.

Please contact our for more information about the ADR process.

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