Department of Defense Education Activity

Diversity & Inclusion

The Diversity Management and Equal Opportunity (DMEO) office is responsible for enforcing EEO laws and policies, performing diversity management functions, advising management and employees on the facilitation of reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities, and providing EEO alternative disputes resolution services for DoDEA. The DMEO office is divided into two branches, the Resolution and Compliance Branch and the Diversity & Inclusion Branch.

In an effort to promote a workforce that is motivated, diverse, and committed, the Diversity & Inclusion office provides a variety of services to approximately 16,000 permanent and temporary employees across the globe. The D&I Chief advises and coordinates the work of the DoDEA Research Psychologist and the Diversity and Disabilities Program Manager, collaborates with other offices in DoDEA on a number of initiatives including recruitment outreach activities and commemorative programs, and develops training modules in the area of diversity. These programs and initiatives defines DoDEA's vision of a diverse workforce by focusing on creating an organizational culture throughout DoDEA that embraces a broader mixture of diversity; leverages and values the skills, abilities, experience and contributions of all of DoDEA's talent; and ensures opportunities for all to reach their full potential. In addition, these programs successfully raise awareness and sensitivity throughout DoDEA concerning the ideological and cultural differences employees bring to the workplace. These cooperative efforts have also served to strengthen and support DoDEA's inclusive mission to continuous professional growth and development that results in exemplary performance and optimum student achievement.