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Resources Regarding Discrimination
ADR Tips & Techniques
Age Discrimination
Disability Discrimination
DoDEA AI 1443.01, Vol 2 - Executive Order 13160 Administration: Discrimination Complaints Processing
DoDEA AI 1443.02 - Prohibited Sexual, Sex-Based, and Other Related Abusive Misconduct Reporting and Response
DoDEA AI 7050.01 - DoDEA Hotline Program
DoDEA Regulation 1400.14 - Prohibited Personnel Practices
DoDEA Regulation 5713.9 - Equal Employment Opportunity Program
EEO Complaint Process
EEO Spiff Notes
Executive Order 13096
Federal EEO Laws
Mixed Case Complaints
National Origin Discrimination
Pregnancy Discrimination
Preparation For Mediation ADR
Race and Color Discrimination
Religious Discrimination
Request for Reasonable Accommodations (PDF)
Sexual Harassment

Resources Regarding Discrimination