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A fair and respectful environment is a hallmark of the modern and productive organization. Successful businesses welcome diverse personnel and maintain a fair environment not just to fulfill Equal Employment Opportunity requirements, but to reap the benefits of fresh perspectives and increased vitality.

Tensions in working relationships can come from many places - stereotypes, prejudices, sexual attraction, cultural differences, and ignorance - to name a few. But wherever they may come from they can lead to distracted employees, confused managers, unproductive rumors, costly litigation, and EEO violations.

The solution? Clear, consistent, direct messages sent through training.

D&I Training 

The DMEO Diversity and Inclusion Branch (D&I) is presently reviewing and assessing current and forward-thinking diversity training for our workforce, utilizing various platforms.

As we develop new and updated training offerings, we welcome your recommendations on specific diversity and inclusion topics that are relevant to our organization.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss diversity and inclusion training with the D&I team, please feel free to contact  at (571) 372-0967.