Department of Defense Education Activity

AutoNOA: New human resources tool launches Nov. 1 in three districts

Starting Nov. 1, DoDEA Americas Southeast, Europe East, and Pacific South districts have access to a new automated tool that significantly improves the tracking of hiring actions.

Automated Nature of Action, or AutoNOA, is a web-based series of human resources (HR) tools provided by DoDEA’s HR service provider the Army Civilian Human Resources Agency (CHRA).

“AutoNOA is a very efficient system where hiring actions can be tracked right from the start and at any given time,” said Robert Brady, DoDEA’s associate director for Business and Finance Operations. “During the entire hiring process, everyone in the chain of command can see the exact status.”

In a manual hire, it may take one to three days to initiate and four to 10 days to route through the system. With AutoNOA, once the requestor initiates the action, it instantaneously travels through the system to the approver, and then to manpower for the authorization, and then straight to CHRA to start the recruitment action. Thus, eliminating anywhere from seven to 14 days from the hiring timeline.

“[As we move to a 21st century school system, we also] need to be a 21st century human resources and talent acquisition system,” said Gordon Harmon, DoDEA’s director of Human Resources. “AutoNOA translates to reduced times in the hiring process.”

The system also captures metrics which will help to identify delays and pain points in the process.

“One of the biggest challenges we have is to provide as many teachers in the classroom as humanly possible at the beginning of the school year. We have a lot of different challenges in that regard because we are a global education system and we have requirements that non-DOD schools don't have,” said Brady. “[AutoNOA is a tool] to achieve one of our overarching priorities and that is a very efficient hiring system.”

DoDEA’s HR Division expects to evaluate the lessons learned from this initial release in early 2020 and will plan for the launch of AutoNOA in additional districts at that time.