Department of Defense Education Activity

Multidimensional Administrator Performance Appraisal (MAPA)

The DoDEA Multidimensional Administrator Performance Appraisal (MAPA), designed for assistant principals and principals, contains four performance goals with accompanying objectives and descriptors. These goals support DoDEA initiatives and are aligned with the 2018/19 - 2023/24 DoDEA Blueprint for Continuous Improvement and the 2008 Interstate School Leadership Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) Educator Leadership Policy Standards.

MAPA Documents

2010 Worldwide Administrator's Conference:

These MS PowerPoint slides were presented for the 2010 Worldwide Administrator's Conference held in Los Angeles California.

Individual Leadership Plan (ILP)
MAPA for Newbies
MAPA Toolkit
Survey Results

Evidence for Proficient Rating
This document contains some examples of evidence for each MAPA objective that would support a “Proficient” performance rating.
FAQs about MAPA and the ILP
Frequently asked questions and answers about MAPA and the ILP.
Feedback Guides
Two visual organizers, one for descriptive feedback and one for reflective feedback are included here.
MAPA Evaluation Instrument
This document contains the performance appraisal rubric, signature page, rating summary page, and Individual Leadership Plan (ILP) template.
MAPA Misconceptions
This document provides responses to various misconception on different aspects of MAPA.
MAPA Timeline
The MAPA timeline projects actions and those responsible for taking those actions through October of 2011.
MAPA Training Document with History and Glossary
In addition to the performance appraisal rubric, signature page, rating summary page, and Individual Leadership Plan (ILP) template, the purpose and rationale as well as the MAPA glossary and timelines are included in this document.
This document provides definitions and characteristics of effective mentors as well as tips and advice for administrators.
Resource Matrix
This extensive matrix of websites provides a resource for various aspects of administrator performance. It includes descriptions of what each website contains.
Sample ILP, Elementary Reading
This example of an ILP focuses on increasing the number of students performing “At the Standard” on the DRA.
Sample ILP, Math Grades 4 and 5
This example of an ILP focuses on improving math proficiency scores on the TerraNova in Grades 4 and 5.
Sample ILP, Secondary AP
This example of an ILP focuses on improving student scores on the Advanced Placement Examination.
Sample ILP, Technology
This example of an ILP focuses on the infusion of technology into every day activities in accordance with the National Educational Technology (NET) Standards for Teachers and Students.
Task Group Members
MAPA Task Group members who wrote and produced the documents found on this web page are identified here. These individuals also serve as area, district, and school resources.
Tips for Writing SMART Objectives
These tips can help make your ILP objective more powerful. The MAPA indicates that the ILP should be based on analyzed data that is relevant to an identified and specific need in the school.
Training PowerPoint Slides
These PowerPoint slides were used for the initial MAPA training provided to superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, and assistant principals.
Writing Effective Performance Assessments
Characteristics of effective performance assessments are addressed, including the importance of data and a focus on results.