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Two types of enrollment are available:

Self Only: A Self Only enrollment provides benefits only for you as the enrollee. You may enroll for Self Only even you have an eligible family member, but they will not be eligible for FEHB coverage (even upon your death or disability).

Self and Family: A Self and Family enrollment provides benefits for you and your eligible family members. All of your eligible family members are automatically covered, even if you did not list them election form. You cannot exclude any eligible family member and you cannot provide coverage for anyone who is not an eligible family member.

Premium Conversion

Federal employees can use pre-tax dollars to pay health insurance premiums to the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program under the "Premium Conversion" program. Premium conversion uses Federal tax rules which allow employees to a portion of your pay to your employer, who will in turn use that amount to pay your contribution for FEHB coverage.

This allotment is made on a pre-tax basis, which means that the money is not subject to federal income, Medicare, or Social Security taxes, and in most cases, state and local taxes. The allotment reduces your taxable income, so less tax is withheld.

You are eligible to have your FEHB premiums paid under the premium conversion plan when:

  • you are an employee of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government;
  • your pay is issued by an Executive Branch agency; and,
  • you participate in the FEHB Program.

If you are enrolled in the FEHB Program and are employed outside the Executive Branch, or your pay is not issued by an agency of the Executive Branch, you may be eligible if your employer agrees to offer participation in the plan.

If you are an employee paying both your and the Government's share of the premiums, the entire amount deducted from your pay qualifies for premium conversion.

Once you elect FEHB coverage, you are automatically enrolled in premium conversion, unless you elect not to participate.

Waiving Premium Conversion

Can I Choose Not to Participate in Premium Conversion?

Employees can choose not to participate in Premium Conversion but you will need to opt-out or waive participation. To opt-out or waive participation employees must complete a waiver/election form. A copy of the waiver election is available on OPM’s website. The completed form should be submitted to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Benefits Team at ; or by faxing the form to 1-614- 693-1675.

You may change your participation status in premium conversion during the annual FEHB open enrollment period, or during the calendar year if you have a qualifying life event. Qualifying life events include marriage, birth of a child, or change in a spouse's employment.

Additional information and frequently asked questions pertaining to Premium Conversion can be found on OPM’s website.

Health Benefits Election Form (SF-Form 2809)

Generally, you will make elections--to enroll, not to enroll, to change enrollment, or to cancel enrollment-- on the Health Benefits Election Form (SF 2809). The SF 2809 may be in either paper or electronic format. However, the requested method of enrollment for employees within DoDEA is the Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS).

To access EBIS go to: and follow the instructions for new or returning user. An EBIS Overview is also available.

You may also submit a completed SF-2809, Health Benefits Election Form, to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Benefits Team at ; or by faxing the SF-2809 to 1-614- 693-1675.

For assistance with the enrollment process you should contact your local servicing Human Resources Representative. You may also contact the DLA Benefits Team directly by calling 1-866-378-1171 or 1-614-692-0233.

Important: If you are enrolling or changing your enrollment, be sure to include all eligible children up to age 26.