Department of Defense Education Activity


The DoDEA HR website provides a brief overview of the FEHB program, benefits and election opportunities available to employees. The categories are based on recurring requests for information and the most common life events. You can obtain more comprehensive information by visiting the OPM website. You are also encouraged to take an active and involved approach in understanding your employee benefits specifically in the selection of your FEHB coverage by reviewing available information, resources, and regulatory guidance so that you may make informed decisions regarding health care for you and your family members.

Some benefits features are designed to act as tax savings for you therefore it is recommended you seek financial and/or tax counseling services before making a decision or selection. You should review the brochure for each plan you are considering; especially checking to see if the plan offers the services you think you might need. When choosing a plan, remember there are other things you should consider besides the cost of premiums. Out of pocket expenses, limitations on coverage, how the plan works, procedures to see a specialist and whether you must choose a doctor only from within the plan’s provider network, are among the questions you need to consider when selecting a plan that best fits the needs of you and your family members.

Contracts are negotiated yearly by OPM; therefore, depending upon your circumstances you may be required to wait until an open season to make changes in your plan selection or enrollment.

You should review your Leave and Earnings Statement on a regular basis to ensure the proper deductions are being withheld for your employee benefit elections