Type of Appointments

Career-Conditional Appointment - A person selected for a continuing position in the federal service is given a career-conditional appointment. The first year of service under a career-conditional appointment is a probationary period. After serving three continuous years under a career-conditional appointment, the employee will automatically receive a career appointment. Should an employee leave federal service before acquiring career status, and not return within 30 days, a new three-year period will have to be completed before career status can be acquired. Employees with veteran's preference retain lifetime reinstatement eligibility.

Career Appointment - A career appointment confers permanent status and career appointees have the greatest possible job protection as well as permanent reinstatement eligibility.

Excepted Appointment - This type of appointment is made for positions excepted from the competitive system by law, by executive order, or with OPM approval.

Term Appointment - Term appointments are non-permanent appointments made for a definite term that will last for more than one but not more than four years. Term appointments confer eligibility for within-grade increases, promotions, reassignments, as well as retirement and insurance benefits.

Temporary Appointment - This type of appointment is made for the period of time considered necessary to get a particular job done. A temporary appointment will have a not-to-exceed date and will expire automatically unless it is terminated sooner or extended further. Persons on temporary appointments may not be promoted, reassigned, or transferred, and do not receive benefits. A temporary appointment may be terminated at any time upon written notice.