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Student Teaching: General Information

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) operates 168 schools in more than a dozen foreign countries. Our mission is to provide quality education for eligible children of the DoD military and civilian personnel on official overseas assignments.

As a student teacher with DoDEA, you will be involved in preparing our youth for life in the global village of the new millennium. In this exciting age of the Internet and technology, we all live in a true global community--a community in which we can interact with our next door neighbors or with virtual neighbors halfway around the world with equal ease.

The personal experience of learning about other people and cultures is one of most important things in the preparation of viable citizens in our global neighborhood. Our Student Teaching Program provides that experience.

If you participate in a student teaching program with DoDEA, you will have the opportunity to teach in an intercultural setting to meet your institution's goals and expectations for the student teaching program. You will not only learn to teach but as you teach, you'll learn about a different culture. Many DoDEA student teachers have returned to the United States with fond memories of countries and cultures they had previously only read about.

The DoDEA student teaching program supports the student teaching requirements of accredited colleges and universities. The term "student teacher" is not meant to unduly restrict the program and may be applied to an individual pursuing studies in school psychology, counseling, nursing, library media, and vocational education. You should begin your quest to student teach overseas with DoDEA with a visit to your student teaching director of major advisor.

You can apply for a DoDEA overseas student teaching assignment if: (a) you are enrolled in a degree or teacher education program with an accredited institution and, (b) there is a student teacher agreement between DoDEA and your college or university. The deadline for Spring placements is October 31st and for Fall placements is April 30th.

If you are attending one of the participating institutions, you only need to contact your college/university faculty advisor or the Student Teaching Coordinator at the Human Resources Regional Center at DoDEA Headquarters for information on how to apply. If your institution does not currently have a student teaching agreement with DoDEA, you may still apply by requesting that your school enter into a DoDEA agreement. After the agreement is implemented, your placement process can begin.

Student Teaching Forms

DoDEA Mission

The Department of Defense Education Activity provides, in military communities worldwide, exemplary educational programs that inspire and prepare all students for success in a global environment.

DoDEA Vision:

Communities Investing in Success for ALL Students.

DoDEA Human Resources Regional Center
ATTN: Student Teaching Coordinator
4800 Mark Center Drive
Alexandria, VA 22350
Tel: (571) 372-0576
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