Department of Defense Education Activity

Student Teaching: General Information

So you would like to be a teacher?

Becoming a teacher requires at least a bachelor's degree, usually related to the subject in which you plan to teach. Additionally, advanced training in the field of teacher education such as the learning process, tests and measurement, philosophy, psychology, social foundations, and methods of teaching and assessing curriculum applicable to the type and level of the position for which you are applying is required. View Application Requirements.

Reciprocity/State Licensure

Contact your state to determine their routes to Teacher Certification. Most states now offer some form of "alternative" certification, however to be considered for DoDEA through this program, you must have attained a Professional License. DoDEA will certify you in a field and level which match the certification in your original state as closely as possible. DoDEA participates in the nationwide reciprocity agreement arranged by the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and certifications. (NASDTEC) 50 States' Certification Requirements is a web site that provides a direct link to the states' teacher certification divisions.


Though the term "reciprocity" is used widely across the country, the true meaning of the term is often overlooked. Reciprocity is a system whereby a recommendation for licensure from a state-approved education training program at an accredited college or university is recognized in another state. The reciprocity is governed by the Interstate Agreement developed by the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC).


Reciprocity is frequently misunderstood.


  • Reciprocity does not guarantee that a license in one state can be "traded in" for a license in another state.
  • Reciprocity does not guarantee that an educator license from one state is recognized by another state.
  • Decisions of licensure through reciprocity vary from state to state and are not governed by the Interstate Agreement. An educator should contact the licensing office for up-to-date licensure testing requirements.

DoDEA Licensure

Only currently employed DoDEA professional educators are eligible to receive DoDEA Licensure. Specifically, you must have a Bachelor's degree with a major in the subject you plan to teach, 18 Semester Hours in teacher preparation course work, a student teaching experience, and teacher testing. (See Application Requirements and Information.) Position Categories and Requirements define specific required classes.

Becoming a Substitute Teacher/AVID Tutor/Training Instructor

So you would like to be a Substitute Teacher/AVID Tutor/Training Instructor?

There are many positions in which an individual can serve DoDEA Schools. Individuals with a high school diploma/GED or higher may apply to be a Substitute Teacher, AVID Tutor, or a Training Instructor. The availability and requirements for these positions vary by Region; please see below for additional information.