Allowances When Separating/Transferring

Yes, you may be authorized payment of TQSA for up to five days prior to the termination of LQA when it is necessary to vacate permanent quarters to meet lease requirements for heavy cleaning, to include painting, or repair when preceding final departure from the post. Requests for simultaneous payment of up to five days of TQSA and LQA must be submitted through DAPS to the CHRA Human Resources Service DoDEA Team for processing. A copy of your lease agreement or a letter from your landlord confirming the requirement to clean, paint, or repair your quarters must accompany your request.

 The Department of State Standardized Regulations (DSSR) and DoD Instruction 1400.25 - V1250 govern authorization and payment of LQA. In accordance with Section 723.1 of the DSSR, the LQA grant authorized under Section 130 of the DSSR shall be continued during the recess period immediately preceding the next school year for a teacher who agrees to serve the following school year. When a teacher is separating at the end of a school year or during the recess period, eligibility for allowances terminates on the teacher's last duty date. However, in order to allow teacher's some flexibility in arranging pack-out and port calls after the last day of the school year, DoD Instruction 1400.25 - V1250 allows for continuation of LQA/TQSA for up to 14 days after the end of the school year, or the date of departure, whichever is earlier, for a teacher to await authorized transportation.

To initiate a claim for reimbursement for TQSA you will need to submit an SF-1190, a TQSA Worksheet, and lodging receipts for your laundry and dry cleaning expenses. If your request includes days of LQA simultaneous with the payment of TQSA, please write or type on top of the SF-1190: LQA/TQSA OVERLAPPING AUTHORIZATION. In item 15, Remarks, state Request for Overlapping LQA/TQSA authorization for the period ________ to _______ for required cleaning/painting/and repair of residence quarters as required by the terms of my lease agreement (Attached). If the requirement to clean/paint/repair your residence quarters is not included in the terms of your lease agreement, you will need to attach a letter from your landlord indicating what cleaning/painting/or repair you are required to perform on your residence quarters. The SF-1190, TQSA worksheet and accompanying documentation should be submitted through DAPS to the Human Resources Service Team for processing. (DELETE: Please note the SF-1190 and TQSA Worksheet are both available on the Personnel Center's website under under Allowance Rates.

 As long as the teacher submits a request for continuation of LQA or TQSA for 14 days or less after the last day of the school year, the extension of allowances may be authorized through the date of departure. However, the request must be accompanied by documentation from the transportation office confirming the educator' pack-out date(s) and port-call date is after the end of the school year. The documentation is still required in order to support the continuation of LQA/TQSA and to ensure that the LQA/TQSA is properly terminated on the educator's date of departure from the post.

 In accordance with Section 132.11 of the DSSR, the LQA grant to a transferred employee shall commence at his/her new post as of one of the following date, whichever is latest:

  1. the date of the employee's arrival at the post, except when the employee's arrival at the new post is delayed because of his/her being ordered to report to another place for consultation or temporary duty and his/her family arrives at the post before the employee, the grant shall commence as of the date of arrival of his/her family;
  2. the effective date of transfer if the employee is on detail or leave at the post to which transferred;
  3. the date following termination of TQSA; or
  4. the date expenses for quarters are incurred.

 In accordance with Section 132.41 of the DSSR, when an employee is transferred from a post at which an LQA has been granted, such grant shall terminate as of the following dates, whichever is earliest:

  1. the date immediately preceding the effective date of the employee's pre-departure TQSA grant, except that the head of agency may continue LQA for a period of up to five days following commencement of TQSA if it is determined that it is necessary for the employee to vacate existing quarters for a period in order to meet lease agreements for cleaning, painting, and repair;
  2. the date the employee commences travel under the transfer, or combined leave and transfer order (i.e. RAT in conjunction with PCS)
  3. the effective date of transfer, when no travel by the employee under the transfer is involved.

Additional information regarding LQA/TQSA (rates, procedures, frequently asked questions) is posted on the DoDEA Human Resources Website at Additional allowance information is also available on the Department of State's website at If you do not have Internet access, please contact your local Human Resources Office for current rates and additional information.