Use of Pseudo Numbers

 Pseudo numbers are also used for employees who have more than one appointment with the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) during the school year or who have an appointment with DoDEA and another agency at the same time because the pay is usually different for each appointment. This usually pertains to individuals who simultaneously hold positions as substitute teachers, part-time teachers, educational aids, or monitors.

 The payroll database is programmed to cross-reference a pseudo number with an employee's social security number. This means that wages and taxes withheld will be combined and reported under the employee's SSN to the SSA and the IRS. This means the employee will receive only one W-2 form from the Payroll Office for wages and taxes withheld while under their pay jurisdiction.

If you have additional questions, please contact your District Customer Service Representative (CSR), Site Manager, or Personnel Center Representative (PCR).

 Educators whose primary appointments require them to work only during the school year are often tasked to work additional appointments during the recess period. These employees have to be assigned a pseudo number for the recess appointment for a number of reasons:

  1. The pay basis is different. During the school year, pay is based on a school year salary. Under recess appointments, pay is based on a daily rate.
  2. Recess appointments have an intermittent work schedule, as opposed to a full-time or part-time seasonal work schedule.
  3. Certain benefits do not apply, i.e. Federal Employees Group Life Insurance, Federal Employees Health Benefits, Thrift Savings Plan deductions are not made and retirement coverage is under FICA (Social Security) versus Civil Service Retirement System or Federal Employees Retirement System
  4. Leave is not accrued and cannot be used during the recess period; and
  5. Recess appointments are of a limited term

The Personnel Center has started using the same pseudo number for a given employee from one year to the next to provide continuity. When an employee has not had a recess appointment before, the Personnel Center must assign a pseudo number after the SF52 is received. The pseudo number must be used to report time and attendance in order to ensure the employee is paid for days worked. The pseudo number appears in block 45 (Remarks Section) of the appointment SF 50 as CPDF SSN: 941-99-XXXX or 841-99-XXXX. A '9' or '8' is used in the first position for all pseudo numbers. The '4199' is the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Submitting Office Number assigned to the Personnel Center by OPM and the last four is the number assigned by the Personnel Center when the appointment action is received.

 The use of pseudo numbers is required by our automated personnel and payroll databases to ensure timely and accurate pay for individuals employed by more than one agency at the same time or individuals holding multiple appointments within the same agency.