Academic Salary Lane (ASL)

ASL Application packages

Getting started filling out your ASL Application package is as easy as 1-2-3. Please review the below steps.

STEP ONE: Submit request for a pay lane change by completing the Application for Academic Salary Lane Change form below. Please complete all sections of the application.

STEP TWO: Attach official transcripts or principal-certified copies (certified by the principal or assistant principal) which reflect graduate courses taken to meet the requirements of the DoD Directive, to include copies of the transcript legends (normally the reverse side of the transcript).

STEP THREE: List graduate courses to be credited, the U.S. accredited college/university from which taken, and the completion date in Section 3 (Course Break Out Sheet).

Did You

  1. Review your application for completeness?
  2. Review your application for attachments (Official Transcripts and Transcript Legends)?
  3. Obtain all appropriate signatures?
  4. Sign and date your request?

An incomplete application can result in your pay lane request being returned without action at the district level.

ASL Official Policy Guidance

Policy guidance is provided for your information and referral within the below Acrobat PDF formatted file.

Academic Salary Lane Application
Academic Salary Lane Application (ASL)
ASL Application for DDESS Puerto Rico
ASL Application for DDESS - Puerto Rico
ASL Application for DDESS Stateside (except Puerto Rico)
Academic Salary Lane Change Application for DDESS Stateside (except Puerto Rico)
ASL Application for DoDDS & DDESS Guam
ASL Application for DoDDS and DDESS Guam
Certification Worksheet
DoDEA Certification/Recertification Worksheet Request
Corrections to Academic Salary Lane Changes, DoDEA Policy Instruction 99-P-003, June 21, 1999.
Overseas Federation of Teachers
Memorandum of Understanding Between The Department of Defense Education Activity and The Overseas Federation of Teachers, August 2, 2001.
Credit-Hour Conversion Table
Time Limits
Memorandum of Understanding Between DoDDS and FEA, (Academic Salary Lane Changes - Time Limits), Facsimile Header dated January 9, 1998.