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Instructions for Updating Your Application

(SPECIAL NOTE: Effective January 2009, DoDEA adopted a new business process for rating teacher applications. Minimum Academic Preparation and Requirements and Information, to include State endorsements (as DoDEA determines comparable to DoDEA's teacher categories), AND official transcripts reflecting 50% of the course work in the content area, must be considered with each position, where applicable.)

When it is time to update your application for next year, you will receive an email with specific instruction. Everyone is required to update, no matter how recently the application was submitted. If you do not complete the online update by the required deadline, your application will be made inactive.

All DoDEA educator applicants may view their applications online and make changes to their application at any time.

To view your application:

  • View application
  • Once there, log on as a returning user (not as a new applicant) with your user name and password.
  • Username - your last name and last 4 digits of your social security number, e.g. smith0000
  • Password - whatever you chose (if you forgot your password, you can click on Forgot Your Password on the login screen under returning user).


We sometimes send out important email announcements to check on interest and availability or to announce certain jobs. Next year, we will send the annual update message out via email only. Please make sure that your email address has been entered and is correct. To check, once you are in the system (directions above), click on Apply for a Teaching Position, and then verify or change your email address by clicking on Edit Profile in the black bar on the top of the page.

To update your application:

  • After log-in, use the RED BAR at the top of the white area, or BOLD RED WORDS to click on each section (APPLICATION, STATUS, QUALS, REPORTS) and review data. Make corrections as needed. You must click on the submit button at the bottom of each page. When/if there is no "submit" button, please click on "add" or "edit" and then "return to application." A green checkmark will appear next to each section that has been completed. Please be sure to select the upcoming school year as the "school year for consideration" in the "Target Location and Date" module.
  • When all of the boxes have been checked, you must click on "finalize your application," certify and submit. (If you open this portion again, it will default to "no" and you'll need to change it before submitting.)
  • The update process is now complete. No further contact is required.

If your valid state certificate is not on file, please provide a copy to fax (770) 268-7774. All other documents can be submitted upon request.

Thank you for your interest in teaching with DoDEA. We normally begin our hiring in May and continue hiring through the summer months until late August. The majority of job offers are made during the months July and August.

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