Department of Defense Education Activity

Applying for Educator Positions When on LWOP from DoDDS

 No. The recruitment procedures for school support positions vary by district and you will need to contact your district human resources specialist for the steps to follow.

 No. You will be referred and considered with other candidates who have applied for the same types of positions and the same locations.  You will be an internal candidate, but this does not require the school principal to select you.  However, we have found that most principals are pleased to hire educators who already have DoDEA experience.

We recommend that you apply for all position categories for which you are certified and willing to teach.  You may also want to consider volunteering in the school or applying for other positions such as substitute teacher and/or educational aide.

Normally, employees may be granted up to one year of LWOP when accompanying the sponsor to a new duty station. You request LWOP by submitting a Standard Form (SF) 52 to your immediate supervisor along with a copy of your sponsor's orders. You will also need to complete a SF 52 for resignation to be effective at the end of the LWOP period; this will be processed only if you are not hired to another position before the LWOP expires. Your school secretary or district human resources specialist can advise you on these procedures.

You will lose these entitlements only if you have a break in service. If selected and hired before the expiration of your LWOP, you will retain all entitlements for which you were previously eligible. However, please note that eligibility for Renewal Agreement Travel and Living Quarters Allowance is affected by being on LWOP. Contact your district human resources specialist for specific guidance on your individual situation.

 No. The recruitment procedures for school support positions vary by district and you will need to contact your district personnel specialist for the steps to follow.

 Leave Without Pay is an approved absence without pay requested in advance for use by an employee. In most cases, the approval of LWOP is at the agency's discretion.

All applicants must submit an online application in the Employment Application System (EAS).  Candidates that already have an application on file must update their application to ensure all information is current and indicate the new geographical locations for which they want to be considered.

Your first point of contact for all human resources issues is your district human resources representative, who is able to advise on a wide range of topics. You may also contact the certification or staffing specialist who is responsible for servicing your district. Your school secretary should be able to provide you with the proper point of contact.

Employees on LWOP are still active Federal employees. If you plan to apply for Federal positions at your new duty station, it is beneficial to maintain your active status and possibly avoid a break in service.