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DoDEA employees may be nominated for the following awards.

Time-Off Award

  • Time-off from duty in recognition of superior accomplishments or contributions;
  • Number of hours granted is based on the value of the contribution to the organization;
  • Is not an administrative excuse for leave;
  • May not be  converted to a cash award;
  • Up to 80 hours may be granted in one leave year;
  • Must be scheduled and used within 1 year of approval.

Special Act Award

  • Granted for nonrecurring contributions or accomplishments, within or outside of job responsibilities, which contribute to the efficiency, economy, or other improvement of Government operations;
  • May also be granted for an heroic act of unusual courage or competence in an emergency connected with official employment;
  • May be given at any time during the year.

Supervisor's Cash Award (SCA)

  • Granted for day-to-day accomplishments, such as:
  • The completion of a special, short suspense project that contributed to the mission of the organization;
  • Modifying an office procedure to improve effectiveness, efficiency or timeliness; or
  • Accomplishing a special, unprogrammed assignment that required a significant extra effort.
  • Recognize accomplishments clearly outside of an employee's performance expectations;
  • Maximum dollar amount of a SCA is $500.
  • May be given at any time during the year.

DoD Level Honorary Awards

  • Department of Defense Distinguished Civilian Service Award
  • Secretary of Defense Meritorious Civilian Service Award

Presidential Level Awards

  • President's Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service
  • Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • Presidential Citizens Medal
  • National Security Medal

DoD Level Honorary Awards for Private Citizens

  • DoD Distinguished Public Service Award
  • Secretary of Defense Award for Outstanding Public Service

Career Service Award

  • Career Certificate of Service and Federal career service emblem for each 10 years of service.
Certificates of Appreciation

Awards for Approved Suggestions

Employees whose submitted suggestions are approved and adopted may be paid monetary awards if their suggestions result in measurable savings to the government, such as a reduction in work hours, materials, supplies, cost, or an improvement in service.

Performance Awards

Performance Cash Awards

  • Granted in connection with the performance rating;
  • Granted for ratings of 'Exceptional' and 'Commendable;'
  • May not exceed 1-3% of employees basic salary for an 'Exceptional' rating;
  • May not exceed .5-.9% of employees basic salary for a 'Commendable' rating.

Quality Step Increase (QSI)

  • Granted in connection with performance rating period;
  • Are faster than normal within-grade increases used to reward General Schedule employees at all grade levels who display high quality performance.


  • Currently paid below step 10 of the grade level;
  • Received a current Exceptional rating of record
  • Demonstrated sustained performance of high quality;
  • Is not approved for a performance cash award for the current appraisal period;
  • Has not received a QSI within the preceding 52 consecutive calendar weeks;
  • Is not serving on a temporary appointment for less than one year.

Questions: If you have any questions about awards, please contact the DoDEA, .