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Standards of Conduct

DoDEA employees take great pride in their work and in serving their country as well as the children we support. As a DoDEA employee, you are representing the federal government, and it is important for you to exhibit a professional attitude and image in all aspects of your work, whether you are a person who deals with members of other agencies and the public or if you work in an office and deal primarily with other co-workers. The unique DoDEA's mission of supporting our schools and communities requires that you maintain very high standards of conduct, even in unusual, difficult, and stressful circumstances. The image you present can either enhance or hamper your work performance and your future career opportunities.

Also please visit the DoDEA General Counsel web-site. This site has tremendous information on Ethics information and a DoDEA Employee's Guide to the Standards of Conduct.

Please direct your ethics and standards of conduct questions to the Assistant General Counsel at (703) 588-3064