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When you have Questions

You and Your Supervisor

Your supervisor is available to assist you with any concerns you may have about your new job and to help make your transition to DoDEA as smooth as possible. It is your responsibility to ask questions if you don't understand your duties or need clarification on office procedures. Maintain an open dialogue with your supervisor and don't be afraid to ask questions. When you report to duty, your supervisor should meet with you and:

  • Tour the work area and point out important facilities/offices;
  • Introduce you to coworkers and higher level supervisors;
  • Review and discuss performance expectations;
  • Explain the work performed in the section and the connection between the employee's work and that of his/her coworkers;
  • Review the employee's performance plan, including requirements and standards;
  • Review and issue all materials, manuals, regulations that will be needed on the job;
  • Explain the chain of command and provide points of contact for information and assistance;
  • Explain the hours of duty, lunch periods, leave procedures, and leave approving officials;
  • Identify and discuss areas of work which may require special training;
  • Arrange for any necessary special formal or informal training;
  • Establish a schedule for assistance for the first few weeks or months of the employee's service;
  • Assign duties and encourage the employee to ask questions.

If you have any questions, please contact the DoDEA, Human Resources Regional Service Center, Employee Relations Section at (703) 588-3990.

DoDEA Human Resources Regional Service Center Services

After you have viewed this Web-site, you may have some questions. Below are contact numbers for health insurance, life insurance, and retirement information. Questions you may have on other areas may be addressed during your in processing or with your supervisor during your first week at work.

Health and Life Insurance Questions Call:
Our HR Employee Services Center
(703) 588-3981

Retirement Programs Questions Call:
Our HR Retirement Operations Center
(703) 588-3981