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Telecommute - Telework

Telework can be defined as a "work arrangement in which employees work at anytime or place that allows them to accomplish their work in an effective and efficient manner."

Telework benefits the employer, the employee, and society overall. For the employer, telework can provide the ability to attract and retain skilled workers. It can also result in increased employee satisfaction and productivity, reduced absenteeism and overhead costs, and decreased office space. For the employee, telework can mean reduced commuting time and stress, reduced job-related costs, and a more productive work environment. For society, telework can lead to reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and highway costs; improved accommodation for people with disabilities; and a more "family-friendly" workplace. Teleworking can lead to a reduction in office space requirements, since individuals may no longer need a dedicated workstation.

Telework is not an entitlement, but serves as a human capital management tool and an effective strategy to accomplish the agency's mission. An employee MUST have an approved Telework agreement before any telework can commence! To obtain an approved Telework agreement, an employee shall:

  1.  review DoD Telework Policy; DoD Instruction 1035.01, and DoDEA Telework Admin Instruction 5205.01 and discuss telework expectations and procedures with their supervisor;
  2. complete mandatory telework training and print out training certificate; Telework 101 for Employees
  3. complete and submit a Telework Agreement form ( DD Form 2946) and training certificate to supervisor for approval;
  4. receive a copy of your approved telework agreement from your supervisor