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Transportation Subsidies

Our agency does promote transportation subsides for qualified DoDEA's employees. Effective October 1, 2000, Executive Order 13150 'Federal Workforce Transportation in the National Capital Region (NCR)' allows qualified DoDEA employees to participate in a transportation fringe benefit program. Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) is managing this program for NCR employees and is assisted by the Department of Transportation (DOT) in its implementation.

Under this program, participating DoDEA employees will receive, "transit passes" in amounts equal to their personal commuting costs, not to exceed $105.00/month. Parking costs will not be used in establishing commuter costs. Employees must give up their parking pass in order to receive this benefit.

DoDEA employees wishing to participate in the program may contact Mr. Kim Glasoe at (703) 588-3447 or by email at in order to receive an application.