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Building Passes, ID Badges, and Passports

One of the first things you will get when you start working at DoDEA is a Headquarters building pass. This pass will allow you access to the various floors and restrooms under DoDEA's control. DoDEA occupies floors 4, 6, 7, and 9 of the Webb Building. Also, sometime shortly after your arrival, you will fill out the necessary paperwork for your DoD ID badge. The first DoD badge you receive will be a temporary one until your background clearance information is processed and a permanent badge issued. During your in-processing, you will be provided the required forms to initiate the process.

When you have your building pass and ID badge, it is extremely important that you safeguard these items. The security of the building and equipment depend on the support of our employees.

The outside doors to the building are generally locked before 6:00 A.M., after 7:00 P.M. and on weekends. If you require entry to the building outside this time frame, ask your supervisor to provide you information on early access to the building.

Since DoDEA has schools worldwide, it is possible that you could be asked to travel overseas. If your supervisor informs you that you might be required to travel in the course of your duties and responsibilities, you should apply for a no cost official passport. Our agency has a Passport Coordinator who can assist in these matters and can be reached at (703) 588-3856 or .