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Your In-processing

How to be Prepared

First impressions can be lasting ones for both you and your new organization. We are hopeful that this session will get you off to a great start by being prepared and being knowledgeable regarding what you can expect for your first day on the job.

You will receive a letter from the DoDEA Headquarters & Educator Staffing Unit confirming your acceptance for a position with DoDEA. This letter contains important information pertaining to your in-processing. If you have not received your letter and you have some concerns or questions, please contact the Staffing Section at (703) 588-3925.

Additionally, that letter will direct you to this web-site so that you can obtain general information about our agency and provide key information about your in-processing date and where to report. Completing the in-processing forms on-line will ensure your in-processing is completed in a timely manner. We truly believe the Customer Comes First! Our innovative approach was established to improve the in-processing and to get you to your duty location as soon as possible.

Please review the online forms section of the web-site. You will need to complete and print the forms that are appropriate for your type of appointment. You will need to bring the completed forms to your in-processing session along with a form of picture identification, such as a driver's license or passport.

In processing for new employees is held every other Monday at 8:30 a.m. in the DoDEA Personnel Conference room located on 6th floor in Room 602, 4040 N. Fairfax Drive, Arlington, VA. Take the elevator up to the 6th floor and make a left as you exit the elevator. There will be a phone next to the door in front of you, for access please call extension 3875. Your in-processing specialist will escort you to the Personnel Conference room.

First Day Expectations

In-processing, will take about 30 minutes to an hour depending on the number of forms you will have to complete. It is highly recommended that you use the on-line form function to complete the forms and bring them with you.

Filling out the mandatory and optional forms to include the Employment Eligibility Verification, Federal and State tax withholdings, Appointment Affidavit, Declaration for Federal Government, Direct Deposit signup, Life Insurance, and Health Insurance forms are just a few of the forms you will need to complete. Additionally, a review and certification of your forms will be conducted during your in-processing session. Once the forms are completed, you will be administered the oath of office by a DoDEA Personnel Specialist.

After in-processing, you will be given an employee handbook containing valuable and interesting information about DoDEA and about working for the Federal Government. You will also be provided a brochure that includes helpful information about the surrounding area.

This will complete your in-processing. You will then be escorted to your place of work by your in-processing specialist, or your supervisor will meet you at the in-processing conference room.

During the remainder of the day, you will be introduced to your team members, key personnel and get acquainted with your new duties and responsibilities. Your immediate supervisor will give you further information and instructions pertaining to the building entry passes, DoD badges and, if required, application for a Government issued passport.

Customers First--welcome to DoDEA