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Computer Security

Here is a special note form the Information Assurance Branch, IT Division. It is our mission to ensure the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of Information Technology resources and assets for DoDEA students and staff while minimizing the impact of security and information assurance policies and procedures on productivity.

As you listen to the news you continue to hear about computer viruses, and intrusions or attempts to break into government and commercial computer systems. In addition to viruses and hackers, natural and physical events such as fires, floods, power failures, and other disasters also pose a threat to computer systems. These happenings can cost DoDEA both time and money in eradicating a virus, or in determining the extent of damage wrought by the hacker, and in the recovery of information, or in recovering from some physical or natural calamity and being able to continue to provide service.

It is our job to address all these issues and develop effective counter measures that weight the costs against mission necessity and operational impacts to: assure operational continuity; assure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability; reduce security risks to an acceptable level, and to comply with applicable laws and regulations.