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Headquarters, Safety & Security Branch

It is our mission to "Providing students and staff with a safe and secure learning and working environment."

Traveling to and living in foreign countries can be a rich and rewarding experience. U. S. military personnel, Department of Defense civilian employees, and family members are afforded this opportunity in ways many Americans can only dream about. However, awareness concerning the common and sometimes unique threats found abroad can help prevent you and your family from becoming victims.

The threats facing personnel overseas today are as varied as the areas in which they may serve or travel. There's always a chance U.S. personnel will become victims in a terrorist incident. Additionally, the likelihood that U.S. personnel may become victims of non-terrorist criminal acts has increased. Assaults, burglaries, robberies, and other violent acts occur with a high degree of frequency in many overseas areas.

It is our jobs to provide information that describes actions you can take to deter, combat, and reduce the likelihood of being a victim. It emphasizes awareness, planning, and common sense. By following these principles, you will help ensure a safe, secure, and fulfilling assignment or travel abroad.

Additional safety, security, and travel information may be found on the DoDEA Safety and Security Office website at . If you have any questions concerning your safety, security, or awareness training here at headquarters, please contact our Security Office list below:

DoDEA Headquarters Safety and Security Office