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Electronic Official Personnel File (EOPF)
Procedures for viewing, scanning, purging and manipulating employee Personnel documents within the EOPF. EOPF SOP
Purging and Maintenance Appendix C
Current forms in the EOPF system Appendix D
Living Quarters Allowance (LQA)
Establishing Eligibility for a Waiver of Living Quarters Allowance for Divorced or Legally Separated Employees. Waiver LQA Divorce Legal Separation SOP
Processing Advance Pay Requests
To provide instructions for processing advance pay requests. Processing Advance Pay Requests SOP
Ethics Training
Standards of Conduct and Ethics Orientations for new DoDDS employees. Ethics Training Memorandum
Financial Disclosure
Who should fill out a disclosure
Non-temporary Storage (NTS)
Procedures for review and approval of requests for non-temporary storage (NTS) of household goods (HHG) NTS SOP
Request for Personnel Actions (RPA)
Procedures for the routing and coding Requests for Personnel Actions (RPAs) for employees. HQ SOP
Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance (TQSA)
Procedures for processing requests for Temporary Quarters Subsistence Allowance and its subsequent reconciliation. TQSA SOP
Travel Order Requests
Procedures for requesting travel orders, and to instruct the use of the TOPS User's Guide when using the TOPS program. Travel Order Processing
Human Resources Records
Procedures for requesting, creating, and maintaining Official Personnel Folders (OPF) and other personnel records. Human Resources Records SOP
Processing and Tracking Interest Determinations
To establish procedures for processing and tracking interest determinations under the back pay act. Procedures for Processing and Tracking Interest Determinations SOP