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DoDEA Champions Program

The DoDEA Champions Program provides non-IT staff an opportunity to share feedback, recommendations and insights with the Integrated Project Teams (IPTs) and IT leadership as well as peers. The DoDEA Champions Program has a direct influence on the implementation or rollout of DoDEA technology products and services.

Voluntary participation in the Champions Program can range from 30 minutes a week to a few hours per semester depending on your availability and program goals. Involvement may include providing input on needed technology for the classroom and being part of the early adopter program to providing user training on technology tools and more.

Why should you be a champion?
  • Impact change and/or shape future decisions by providing direct feedback to the product teams and IT leadership on technology and innovative products and services.
  • Show your leadership and initiative while working with like-minded innovators to advance DoDEA technology and student excellence.
  • Gain early access to services and features.
  • Access the technology product team for support and marketing resources for technology training.
  • Amplify your voice through the use of DoDEA technology and training channels where you can reach end users directly.
  • Get recognized in meetings and product highlights for your expertise.

Help shape the program in this inaugural year or provide the link to a technology superstar you know.

Become a DoDEA Champion!

Anatomy of a Champion

DoDEA Champions range from novice who are interested in learning more about technology to "Train the Trainer" staff who are well-versed in technology across different vendors and categories.

  • Executives, educators, and influencers who support and mentor others to help them get the most out of technology solutions and services.
  • Problem solvers who identify trends and methods for solving challenges.
  • Creative thinkers who are eager to develop creative solutions for student and organizational success.
  • Those who have one or more of the following characteristics:
    • Passionate about building on and extending digital innovation.
    • Enthusiastically engage users to learn more.
    • Demonstrate both expertise in and extraordinary support and advocacy for technology solutions.
    • Actively use and seek innovative solutions.
    • Able to align DoDEA priorities with technology initiatives.

Program Structure

There are two types of DoDEA Champions; 1) Product Champion and 2) Innovation Champion. The difference between the two is that Product Champion have specific interest in a singular product or service whereas Innovation Champion support and/or represent 5 or more technology products or services. In the inaugural year, Champions will focus on two key IT services: Microsoft 365 and ClassLink.

  1. Product Champion: Product Champion have a specific interest in a singular product or service whether that is the Student Information System (SIS), the Learning Management System (LMS), or even specific math digital resources.
  2. Innovation Champion: Innovation Champions are ambassadors for five or more DoDEA products or services. Often technology is a concentrated part of their job and/or home life. Champions discover inventive ways to use technology far beyond the normal application and are often those who know about new technology or concepts before others. Most often the education technologist (ETs) are natural innovation advocates.

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