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IT Branches: IR Branch

Information Resources Branch (IR)

The DoDEA IR Branch researches Federal & DoD IT regulations, maintains Division Budget & Property Accountability, manages IT contracts and software licenses, and coordinates the procurement of IT related hardware and software. 

The focus of our responsibilities are to ...
  • Research Federal & DoD IT Regulations
  • Analyze IT Requirements & Procurement Strategies
  • Provide Consulting and Market Research in Support of DoDEA IT User Requirements
  • Review and Compile IT-Related Planning and Management Documentation
  • Plan and Conduct Acquisitions of IT Resources
  • Manage IT Hardware, Software and Services Contracts e.g., Help Desk, Software Licenses, On-Site Standard Software Training in Support of DoDEA HQ
  • Provide Computer Resources (e.g., InFocus Projectors, Laptops) for DoDEA HQ Meetings, TDY and Conferences
  • Plan and Execute IT Division Budget
  • Manage Reutilization of HQ Equipment to Schools
  • Prepare Presidents Budget for DoDDS / DDESS
  • Manage Accountable Property

DoDEA Headquarters IT
4800 Mark Center Dr.
Alexandria, VA 22350-1400

Support Offices
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Diversity Management & Equal Opportunity
DoDEA's Procurement Division
Facilities Division
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Information Technology Division
Investigations and Internal Review Division
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