Department of Defense Education Activity

Implementation Roadmap

Key Phases for 2020-2021

Microsoft 365 includes installed apps as well as online apps and tools. Online and desktop applications will be implemented in a layered and phased approach - meaning that apps and services will be rolled out by organizational levels in specific batches.

ETs and DoDEA IT will with Microsoft to provide training sessions for staff. ETs will also support educators as part of their role as instructional coaches.

  1. Microsoft 365 Account, Teams Desktop app and Microsoft Online Portal - COMPLETE ✔
  2. Microsoft Office Desktop Apps Upgrade & Outlook (email) Online Migration - COMPLETE ✔
  3. File Migration to online storage (OneDrive and SharePoint): mid-year 2021 - Planning
    • Staff should begin cleaning up files that do not need to be moved to the online server.
    • DoDEA IT is working on the governance documentation for the SharePoint Online storage.
    • Learn how OneDrive and SharePoint work together and the best scenario to use each.
  4. Classic SharePoint Migration to SharePoint Online: late 2021 - Planning
    • DoDEA IT is currently performing inventory on the and sites stored on DoDEA servers.
    • If you are a site owner, start thinking about how you intend to use and/or share your information.

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Installed vs Online Apps
  • Installed (desktop) apps are saved or installed directly onto a computer - even if the icon does not appear on the desktop of your computer.
  • "Cloud" (online) apps are accessed online - not on servers or computers that you track. Because cloud apps aren't saved directly onto your computer or device, they are often called "Software as a Service (SaaS)" - or just "services". These cloud-based services are also sometimes referred to as "digital resources". If you see these terms used interchangeably, please do not be alarmed or confused.

Learn more about the Applications & Services or access References and Training for these apps and services.

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Early access may be available for some IT services.

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