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Microsoft 365: Phase 1

Microsoft 365 Account, MS Teams and Microsoft Online Apps

The first phase of the Microsoft 365 roll out has three components:

Outlook (email, calendar, tasks) is not included in Phase 1. The Calendar within Teams will not function fully; Outlook email and calendar are also not available in the online portal. Full email and calendar capabilities will be included in Phase 2.

  1. The Microsoft 365 account allows staff to log into Microsoft and some DoDEA resources any time and anywhere - securely and without needing a common access card (CAC) nor to connect to the DoDEA network.

    To ensure this is safe and secure, Microsoft 365 requires that you verify who you are in multiple ways - a process called multi-factor authentication (MFA). Learn more about MFA and which options work best for your needs. Setup of a Microsoft 365 (M365) account.
    * CAC will remain vital for some DoDEA resources as well as DoD sites.
  2. Once you have setup your Microsoft 365 account, you are able to access simplified, web-based versions of common Microsoft Office apps through the Microsoft Online Portal. The apps include versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint as well as other apps and tools like Microsoft Teams, Power BI, Planner and more. Simply log in with your Microsoft 365 account at
  3. Skype to Team TransitionThe Microsoft Teams desktop app will replace Skype (i.e. Lync) for chat in late January after VTC capabilities are available within Teams. Teams provides additional collaboration and communication benefits - including allowing document co-authoring and hosting meetings with internal and external contacts. Microsoft Teams includes direct access to the Office online apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, etc. 

Other Resources: Skype and Microsoft Teams Comparison table |   Online applications and services 

Phase 1: Implementation Process

  1. DoDEA IT notifies division/org/school leadership of rollout and requests names of team owners and staff roster verification. Leaders are asked to ensure staff are aware of rollout.
  2. Division/Org leadership provides IT with requested Team Owner(s) and verified rosters.
  3. Team Owners receive notice that provides Team Owner responsibility information.
  4. DoDEA IT creates the official Division or Region/District/Community/School team. The team will be pre-populated by IT based on verified staff rosters from the appropriate division or organizational leadership. The Team Owner(s) manage the members and settings after the team is pre-populated with members.*
  5. Staff are notified to prepare for the Microsoft 365 account setup and desktop installation via multiple DoDEA_M365 emails with the following details:
  • Projected Installation Date & Training Resources (email 1-3 weeks prior to installation date; other notices have been made through IT and DoDEA websites and emails)
  • Microsoft 365 (M365) Username 
  • Setup Guide and M365 Password ** Reset your Microsoft Office 365 Portal password ASAP to avoid being locked out of your iPhone and/or Outlook. Do NOT enter an incorrect password multiple times. See more information below.**
  1. Staff member updates the Microsoft 365 account - reset password and authentication method. As long as you have the password, you will likely not need the instructions. However, the Setup Guide included in the Welcome to Teams email from DoDEA_M365 can help you walk through the process.
  2. The desktop app should quietly install in the background on the installation date. If the desktop app is not installed properly, the online version can be used until you are able to contact Customer Support Services for help via the Global Service Desk. If needed, IT or the staff member installs the desktop app.
  3. Staff member logs into Microsoft Teams Desktop. Learning is self-paced. Training opportunities and resources are available to help you in this journey. The Quick Start guide includes several short videos to get you started.

* After official teams have been pre-populated by IT, Team Owners are responsible for managing the team members and settings. Staff can request to be added to an official team through the Team Owners, if known, or through supervisor or building leadership for the team. Since an email is sent when a member is added to a team - even if the person cannot access the team, team owners are cautioned against adding any member prior to everyone being setup with M365 access. See who is a team member or owner.

** After the auto-generated password is created, Outlook may prompt you for the auto-generated password. Cancel this prompt in order to open your Outlook Inbox. Find the emails from that include your username and password. Go through the setup process and be sure to reset your password to one that you can remember.

Staff Implementation Timeline

SY 2020-2021: School-Level Staff

Download the School-level Implementation Overview

  • 28-30 Sept - School ETs move to Teams
  • 28 Sept - Initial Teams email w/ Principals, APs, and AOs - prep and training
  • 28 Sept-6 Oct - Principals verify rosters and identify team owners for schools
  • 5-9 Oct - School Principals, APs, AOs move to Teams
  • 28 Sept-9 Oct - Team Owners emails sent (as verified are received)
  • 13-16 Oct - Begin initial communications with schools - prep and training email
  • 26 Oct-15 Nov - School level implementation

SY 2020-2021: Above-School-Level Staff

  • 03 Sept - Email remaining division chiefs and Chiefs of staff for roster validation and team owners
  • 03 Sept - Email CSLs with rollout schedule
  • 14 Sept - Initial Email communication to above school level employees. Provide next steps and training links
  • 21 Sept - M365 account/Teams Setup for Remaining HQ divisions, EU Region Office, PAC Region Office
  • 22 Sept - M365 account/Teams Setup for AM Region Office, EU South DSO, PAC South DSO
  • 23 Sept - M365 account/Teams Setup for AM Southeast DSO, EU East DSO, PAC East DSO
  • 24 Sept - M365 account/Teams Setup for AM Mid-Atl DSO, EU West DSO, PAC West DSO

Note: The DSOs include personnel from geographically separated community Supt's offices

Summer 2020: EARLY ADOPTERS – Select Mark Center Staff

Group A: July 2020

  • Capabilities and Initiatives (C&I)
  • Communications
  • Education Policy & Operations (EP&O)
  • Procurement
  • Research, Accountability, and Evaluations (RAE)
  • Resource Management (RM)

Group B: August 2020

  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Logistics (LOG)

Contact IT Customer Support Services for additional support (VPN & CAC required).
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