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IT Branches

We accomplish our mission through six branches that are focused on our core values of excellence, integrity, and customer service.

The Branches and their Major Areas of Support Are:

  • Office of the CIO-Enterprise Architecture Branch
    Prepares IT policy and strategic planning documents and provides analysis and technical writing support to IT customers.
  • System Development Branch
    The DoDEA System Development Branch supports DoDEA through the use and application of state-of-the-art information technology. Our purpose is to support the mission of DoDEA by assisting headquarters and overseas management operations to function more effectively.
  • HQ Operations & Customer Support Branch
    Provides LAN (Local Area Network) and WAN (Wide Area Network) connectivity to HQ DoDEA and administrative support of computer networks.
  • Information Resources Branch (IR)
    Researches Federal & DoD IT regulations, maintains Division Budget & Property Accountability, manages IT contracts and software licenses, and coordinates the procurement of IT related hardware and software.
  • Information Assurance Branch
    Ensures DoDEA entities are operating within the guidelines of DoD mandated information assurance and security policies. IA also provides Anti-Virus software information.
Support Offices
Center for Early Dispute Resolution
Diversity Management & Equal Opportunity
DoDEA's Procurement Division
Facilities Division
HR Regional Service Center
Information Technology Division
Investigations and Internal Review Division
Logistics Division
Office of Communications
Office of General Counsel
Office of Safety and Security
Resource Management Division