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Government Travel Charge Card (GOVCC)

DoDEA uses a commercial provider (Citi) for their Government Travel charge cards that is managed by GSA SmartPay® 2 contract. The GOVCC is a VISA and can be used at any location that accepts VISA including OCONUS.

Use of the Government Travel Charge Card is mandatory when on official business travel, unless an exemption has been granted. Infrequent travelers (IFT) are exempt from the mandatory requirement to use the Government Travel Charge Card for official business travel. An infrequent traveler is one who travels less than 5 times per year. In lieu of the Government Travel Charge Card, such individuals may request a travel advance or use personal funds to pay official business travel expenses.

The intent of the GOVCC is specific with respect to the types of expenses that can be charged. The mandatory GOVCC training which provided guidance covering the authorized use of the GOVCC specifically stated that the GOVCC was only to be used for lodging, meals and transportation, i.e., rental vehicle and fuel, taxi, parking and tolls. However, all airline tickets must be purchased using the Centrally-Bill Account (CBA).

The following resources provide policy regulations and guidance on the proper use of the GOVCC.

  • GOVCC Regulations & Guidance
    Policy Memorandums, Regulations, GOVCC Guidance and Agency Personnel and Cardholder Roles and Responsibilities.
  • Training Courses & A/OPC
    This section provides the GOVCC application, cardholder training materials and A/OPC information on the Agency's GOVCC day-to-day program management.
  • GOVCC Contractor and Payment Options
    Citi information and payment options for the GOVCC.
  • Other Related Links
    Non-DoDEA sites that issue helpful resources regarding the government travel charge card and general government travel


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