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DoDEA OSS: Learn More About What We do

We provide students and staff with a safe and secure learning and working environment.
  1. We establish policy, procedures, and standards; provide accountability oversight and technical assistance; identify resources; implement, manage, and evaluate all aspects of safety, occupational health, physical security, antiterrorism, operation security, and personnel security programs for DoDEA worldwide operations. Our office employ an effective world-wide safety and security officer network of trained and accredited antiterrorism officers responsible for administering all aspects of the safety and security programs covering all DoDEA activities and operations.
  2. Our security and antiterrorism programs safeguard supplies and equipment; control access to school/office buildings; and minimize the vulnerability to crime, terrorist attacks, acts of violence and political turbulence, affecting students, staff, and operations on DoDEA facilities or during DoDEA sponsored activities.
  3. Our safety and occupational health programs identify physical or procedural hazards in the schools and activity work places, and incorporate corrective or programmatic measures to eliminate or reduce the probability/frequency of accidents and injury. Safety and occupational health programs minimize accident and injury probability through safety training, safety education and literature dissemination, accident analysis, and providing assistance to school administrators and managers in matters relating to bioenvironmental, occupational health, fire safety and accident prevention.

Safety & Security Regulations
Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Program
This Regulation standardizes bloodborne pathogen exposure controls, policy, procedures, and responsibilities for the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA).
DoDDS Chemical Hygiene & Safety Program
This regulation establishes chemical safety policy, procedures, and responsibilities for the department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS).
DoDEA Antiterrorism Program
This regulation provide policies, procedures and mandatory antiterrorism standards for protecting personnel.
DoDEA Safety Program
This Regulation updates and revises general policy, responsibilities, and procedures for ensuring a safe and healthy educational and work environment for DoDEA students, staff, and visitors.
Internal Physical Security
This Regulation reissues reference to update policy, responsibilities, and procedures for protecting the DoDEA staff, students, and resources from criminal acts ...