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DoDEA Student Antiterrorism Awareness

office-2col-antiterrorWelcome to the Department of Defense Education Activity Antiterrorism Awareness website for students.

Sure, you had your antiterrorism awareness lesson this year, but do you remember the key points?
Use the tools, reminders and games on this page to test your knowledge of how to stay secure and recognize danger signs!


Tools for Students (and grown-ups too . . .)

By staying alert, you become the eyes and ears of your school and community.
It's always a good idea to be aware of your surroundings. If something doesn't seem right, tell a trusted grown-up right away.
On this site, you'll find cool stuff to help you stay alert and ruin a terrorist's day!

Preparedness pays off!
"I always carry a spoon in case there's some ice cream to eat!"
- Joshua

"Be alert, be aware, be prepared!"


Video Series
DoDEA does Level I Antiterrorism Video Training with their classes once a year.

Printable button

Word puzzles for the long flight.

Online Games button

Online Games
Some games and interactions for fun.

Extra Credit button

Extra Credit
Highlights from the Safe Schools newsletters to augment your personal security and antiterrorism awareness.

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