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DoDEA OSS: Avian Flu Update: Strategies

Preventive Strategies
  • Share information about the avian flu with parents.
  • Distribute information on -how-to prevent the flu.
  • Make clear the differences between the flu and avian flu to prevent panic.
  • Have a letter prepared in advance for all schools to use if and when a confirmed case of avian flu is discovered on campus.
  • The letters would be sent home with students immediately after the case was confirmed.
  • Educate teachers and support staff about avian flu and strategies underway to prevent a pandemic.
  • Establish a working relationship between superintendents, principals, commanders, and community/public health officials to share information and coordinate any efforts that may impact on schools and communities.
  • Discuss any future vaccination programs with health officials. Stress the risk for school employees and the need to vaccinate them early.
  • Get as much information regarding the disease as quickly as you can.

Implementing Strategies
  • Share fact sheets from clinics and community health agencies on the nature of avian flu and how to prevent its spread.
  • Hold a planning meeting with principals from various campuses in a community to discuss when and how to distribute any letters and fact sheets.
  • Work with community health professionals
  • Principals should plan meetings with staff to explain the nature of any outbreak and distribute any facts sheets or other information.
  • The fact sheet should also be distributed to all staff members.
  • Consider using an articulate school nurse as the district's spokesperson for any media inquiries.
  • Develop talking points and conduct practice interviews with the lead nurse or spokesperson.
  • Use the web site to post information.
  • Coordinate any releases with community health officials before going public.
  • Make decisions that are best for your school and district.
  • Communicate quickly, both internally and externally.
  • Determine sources and collect accurate data.
  • Use a fact sheet for responses to telephone calls so that everyone gives out the same information.
  • Kept the school boards and advisory committees informed daily.
  • Keep good records on any flu scares or referrals including telephone logs, and written notes from all meetings with staff and officials.
  • Additional school nurses could be used to interview students and to make contact with parents if an outbreak occurred.
  • Keep parents and the news media informed on a daily basis through parent letters, hotline messages, the school Internet home page, and media interviews.
  • Consider town hall meetings to get accurate information out.
  • Share reports of flu cases with other district school leaders or key personnel
  • Slow or stop the spread of any outbreak of avian flu in schools.
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